The JPPE is committed to a helpful and thoughtful review process. Our team of Brown student editors will seek to guide authors to the best possible version of their work.

student REFEREE REPORT overview:

  • Summary

    • What is the piece?

    • What is the thesis?

    • What is the piece hoping to achieve?

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    • Does the piece reflect the mission/goal of the journal?

    • Is it interdisciplinarily accessible?

    • Does the piece display original and creative thinking?

    • Is this piece distinguishable from ideas and claims developed by others?

  • Annotations/Comments

    • Feel free to add notes or comments on specific parts of the piece.

  • Recommendation: yes, no, revision

    • Please explain your recommendation.

    • If revision, be specific as to what you believe needs to be revised.