The Brown University Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is now accepting applications for the Spring 2018 semester. We are looking to fill positions in our Editorial, Design, and Marketing teams


Section Directors:
The responsibility of directors is to coordinate the submissions and editing process of the PPE Journal. As a director, you will lead meetings and effectively organize the content of one of the given disciplines in this publication; that is, either philosophy, politics, or economics. There are currently two director positions open -- Philosophy and Economics. Students who apply for this position should have demonstrable experience in the field they are applying to direct.

Section Editors:
This position is open to anyone with relevant experience. As an editor, you will be asked to specialize in either philosophy, politics, or economics. You will edit accepted submissions predominantly in one of these disciplines and simultaneously help select the essays that get published. Journalistic and/or past editorial experience would be viewed favorably.

Apply to the Content Team
Deadline: Friday, January 5


Journal Designers:
Journal designers work to create and design the cover and inside layout of content for the physical journal.

Web Designer:
The web designer is responsible for designing the website flow and interface, maintaining the website, and keeping it up to date.

Apply to the Design Team
Deadline: Friday, January 5


Marketing Director:
The marketing manager will be in charge of all things marketing (i.e. publicity, exposure, etc.) You will work alongside the Political Theory Project in making the Journal widely known.

Marketing Associates:
Assist the Marketing Manager in the above goals. 

Apply to the Marketing Team
Deadline: Friday, January 5